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Welcome to Resolution Works.

This site is intended to offer information about restorative justice as well as our specific programs and services. We serve victims of crimes, offenders, disputants, and justice professionals.
If you have any questions that this site cannot answer, please contact us.

Mission Statement

Resolution Works creates peaceful communities by enhancing the capacity of individuals, families and agencies to resolve conflict through restorative justice training, facilitation and mediation practices.

Brief Description of Our Programs and Services

Victim/Offender Mediation
V/O mediation is a powerful process that allows a safe environment for victims to face the offender that has caused them harm. Victims get to see that the offender takes responsibility for their crime, to ask the questions that only the offender can answer and to negotiate a contract to repair the harm of the dispute or crime.

Community Mediation
An opportunity for neighborhood and community disputes to be resolved in a neutral and safe environment.

Restorative Justice Circles
Using restorative justice philosophies, the traditional justice system is enhanced by providing offenders an opportunity to become aware of the impact and harm their actions may have created, and to determine repair for those harms.


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